Plus Size Style Tips When Wearing These 5 Styles and Prints

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There are numerous style tips for Plus Size women, mostly handed down by skinny women (and even men) whose waist would bulge simply at the sight of a burger.

Some would rather a woman sized 14 and higher stick to the sorry list of what’s considered appropriate  (i.e. heavy duty trash bags, moo moo dresses, solids, and mom jeans).

There are still others holding on to a long list of what plus size women should not wear including florals, stripes, bodycon and more.

In keeping with society’s aim of acceptance and tolerance, I had an epiphany just the other night. It occurred to me that there may be a plausible explanation to some of these standards.

Bare with me as I explain:


Floral plus size rules


The Concern?

Flowers attract bees. Bees make honey. Honey is sweet…and dangerous for diabetics. You’re a danger to Diabetics.

Style Tip:

It may actually be in the interest of society if you steer clear of florals when in the company of people with a severe sweet tooth.




The Concern?

Lines creates confusion for the directionally challenged. How will your enemies know your next move?

Style Tip:

Keep them guessing...





The Concern?  

Not everyone can handle your shine.

Style Tip:

Protect yourself for naysayers…and the sun. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses just to be on the safe side.




The Concern?

Remember when Destiny’s Child sang “I don’t think they can handle this”?  I’m here to tell you, ‘THEY CAN’T.

Style Tip:

I suggest handing out gloves to help them get a grip.




The Concern?

Well this one is really obvious. Your super power is intimidating enough.

Style Tip:

Be sure to perch your hands on your hips and raise your head high!


Doesn’t it all make sense now? 

The problem isn’t with you or what you’re wearing. It’s the warped mentality of a narrow minded people. So, here’s to 2017 being the year of florals, stripes, bodycon dresses, bright colors and capes.

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