Plus Size Models Who Made It On The Covers of Magazines

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Plus sized women are making a remarkable change in the fashion and media industry. Magazines that were once only filled with stick figured models on the covers and throughout its glossy pages are not accompanied by vivacious and beautifully curved women who are definitely standing out and making a difference in the world.

Those who felt like their figures and voices were not being heard or were being silenced by the masses are now coming out with a bang which is accompanied by stunning covers on different popularly known magazines all around the world!

Here are just a few of our curvy and fierce idols who have graced the covers of magazines in the most recent years:

Ashley Graham 

Ashley Graham has slowly been turning herself into a household name, having appeared on multiple magazine covers and campaign ads such as Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Glamour magazine and many more.

Being one of the most celebrated plus sized models of our time, Ashely Graham is definitely making a difference in our world and is setting a good example to women all over the world of all shapes and sizes.

ashley graham

Erica Schenk


Most fitness magazines are plastered with extremely skinny women on them who the masses were pleasantly surprised when 18 year old Erca Schenk made it on the cover of Women’s Running magazine.

To a lot of readers, this cover was more appealing as it discussed the struggles that real women have to go through instead of just featuring “how to get abs quick!” and many of the same, generic articles.

Tess Holiday


Tess Holiday made a grand entrance into the world of modelling when she made it on the cover of People magazines annual body issue. At a size 22, she become the first of her size to land a contract with Milk Management, a prestigious modelling agency.

It is definitely safe to say that Holiday is well on her way to greatness.

Robyn Lawley


Robyn Lawley has garnered the title of supermodel with her many gigs over the many, many years in the industry. It was Lawley who has slowly and successful redefined the norms of plus size modeling as she has proved on more occasions than one that a bigger size does not equate to being unhealthy.

Her cover for Cosmopolitan definitely proves that sexiness isn’t defined by what size you are but by how confident you are in your own skin!

Tara Lynn


Europe has always been a step ahead when it comes to recognizing beauty in all shapes, sizes and color and Tara Lynn has always been the face of this progression. Having been on the covers of not just one but two Elle magazines (Spain and France), she had been able to send her message loud and clear across the borders and to the entire world!


Which is your favorite magazine cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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