My second family

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All throughout our lives we come into contact with a variety of people, some stay in our lives for a long time, some only stay around for a short lived period of time, but everyone person we meet impacts our lives and this is important as this helps us grow as individuals and progress through our lives.

During my teenage years, I found that a lot of the people who were in my life made me feel like I needed to be someone different. I needed to look a certain way, be a certain height, act in certain ways. I spent years trying to be what everyone else expected me to be and never truly being happy with myself. I have days now where I still wish I could change parts of myself, I am only human and I think every person has these days. Is anyone truly happy with who they are? There is always something that people wish they could change.

Over a year ago now, I was introduced to 10 amazing women who came from all different types of backgrounds and we were all very different. I sat there and thought to myself initially, how on earth is this ever going to work. Slowly it became very apparent that we were all quite similar and we all had the same thoughts and feelings about body image, body acceptance and the biggest one of all – Loving yourself for who you are. Suddenly, like a light bulb switching on, it was obvious these 10 women were going to become my family. We became Positively Perfect ( )

Our first few months were very turbulent, we were finding our feet as a family, we were learning about each other, finding out what makes each other tick and dare I say it, like any family we had our arguments.. The first few months were hard and we lost a few family members due to personal circumstances and other commitments but to this day those 3 are still our family and we still support them in all that they do.

We soon realised that we needed to really sit down and discuss how we go forward and we did just that. Now if you have ever been to one of our PP events, then you know we like to go off at a tagents sometimes which is normally rather hilarious so this was quite a long process. But we got there in the end.

Fast forward to today, our family unit is stronger than ever.

I often sit back and think about these amazing women and how lucky I am to have them in my life. Each day I wake up and I have messages from these women which instantly make me laugh and brighten my day because let me assure you, we do not just talk shop in our chats! Quite often, the message will be someone telling us how horrific a fart was, you know real ladylike messages!!

I can honestly say that since we have become a family, I have grown as a person. I have always come across rather confident but this has quite often been a defense mechanism, I hid behind a false confidence, I felt I couldn’t be honest about who I was and how I felt about myself as I felt stupid that I felt that. I had a variety of ups and downs about my height, my size, you name it, I hated it about myself. These days, I have accepted that I have wobbly bits, I have scars, I have stretch marks but this shows that my body is living it’s life to the fullest. The only comparison that comes to mind is a show home, you look at a show home and they look lovely, set out perfectly, everything has its place, nothing is out of place but it is very apparent that it is fake, no one lives there it is all for show. Where if you walk in my house, you can see someone lives there.. That is the same about what I used to consider imperfections of myself. I tried to be the show home (worst comparison EVER).

I guess the point that I am trying to make (see tagent again) is through your journey of learning to love and accepting yourself, it is really important surround yourself with people who will support you and grow as a person. When you are trying to find yourself and learning to love yourself, the last thing you need is a negative nelly pointing out what they consider to be your flaws. You are the only one who decides who you are, what you are and should there be anything you wish to change about yourself then that is a decision you need to make for yourself and no one else.

Don’t forget as well, we are always here for you as well!!

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