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Staying Systematically Social mean have a method to your social media madness. Each photograph and every post has to a core meaning of truth, positivity, and an aspiring message for you and to others!

Social media is the equivalent of your digital agent that presents your portfolio to the world 24/7!  It is your digital portfolio, and your model/actor resume. It is your memory resource, time keeper, and digital document of your triumphs and achievements.  This force called social media has with enough mega power to elevate your career and open doors globally. Plus Size Models like Ashley Graham and Tess “Munster” Holiday used social media to elevate their career in into the stratosphere.  

Since the early 2000s; casting directors have been searching social media and peeking at selfies for a rising star. More and more model searches, model casting calls, and booking are display and casted on social media.

In retrospect, I remembered when the classic designer Marc Jacobs made waves when he announced that he would be casting his fall/winter 14 campaign directly through social media, inviting undiscovered stars to tag their tip-top selfies with #castmemarc.   Marc Jacob was not the first designer to scout the World Wide Web for talent, but he did embark upon a new vision and conceptual ideas on casting models. He was on the cutting edge of scouting talent which now seems to be the norm.

Quintessentially, Social media is a great tool for exposure in the United States and globally.  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Twitter are just a few social media outlets.  However, as a Plus Size Model, the sexual attention can be overwhelming. The likes and the positive comments can be addicting to some models, but never sell your soul for a like!


As the talent, remember to use social media in a way that benefits you. Never forget that, it is your agent, casting director, your professional portfolio, and a reflection of your images as art.  That can be easily assessable to anyone, and it will always remain in cyberspace.


Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the social media frenzy by fueling your photos to appease certain members of your fan base.  When I say in a way to benefit you, it means to network with other models, photographers, magazine editors, talent agencies, fashion show directors, and casting officials. More importantly, potential customers.

Moreover I personally have witnessed models getting caught up the frenzy of social media.  The frenzy is the attention from mostly men, and it seems that some models will take off more and more of their clothes for a “like” or positive comment.  It is just another addiction.

Social media is an excellent tool for models to market themselves, and to connect with model scouts, talent agents’, and casting directors, but you have to stay focus and be true to yourselves. Remember models are defined as “Live Mannequins” at the end of the day, it is your job as a model is to sale a product, brand ambassador, or spokesperson meaning your image is EVERYTHING.  It is not about how beautiful you are, or your beautiful hair. You have to sell a product, a concept, or a lifestyle!

As a casting officially, I do not want to see photos of your family, friends, or food on your model page! Remember the three – F’s.  I only want to see quality upscale photos of you!

Construct a separate social media persona for modeling, and a separate email account. Also, I would choose an alias, because you do not want any stalkers Googling your name and locate your home address.  

Many models view social media as a numbers game, but it is really about the images and the messages you convey. It is about the quality of your content and photos, not the quantity.  When your numbers are as high as 60,000 plus, you may be able to get endorsement or brand ambassador deal.


Let me explain.

My daughter got scouted by a wonderful agency in Toronto, Canada.  Of course prior to talking to the agents via Skype, I researched them.  Initially, we talked via Skype and I made travel arranges to meet them in person.  My daughter and I spend a week in Toronto and had a wonderful visit. It was real! It was legit!  


Now on the other hand, recently I received an email messages from phony casting agents who request that I submit photos in a two piece bikini.  After asking several questions that he could not answer, I deleted and block him. My advice is never send nudes or bikini photos to a random person use common sense.  

Is this social media really modeling or an attempt to feed one’s deprived ego?  

Let me answer that question. It maybe yes for some, and no for many.  Personally, I did use Face Book, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  My fan base are casting directors, models, and talent agencies. Social media is a free marketing tool that should be used wisely.   My goal is to convey positive message and images.  

Remember those images will always be somewhere in cyberspace! So do not get caught up in the frenzy!

Stay professional, while you invite the world on your modeling journey.  You can truly make an impact on others while marketing yourself.

Remember the three P’s: Persistence, Perseverance, and Patience.


See you on the Runway!Jamila Choyce

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