Is an All-inclusive Society the Answer to the Problems within the Plus-size Community?

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There is a push for inclusiveness of the plus-size community within mainstream society. I understand the desire for acceptance to a point; I think it is a natural desire within most breathing creatures. However, I don’t see how inclusivity is beneficial to the members of our community individually. I’ve raised this question before, what is the point of social acceptance when self-acceptance hasn’t been achieved? What is truly gained from it?

Dependency is defined as the state of being dependent on another source for support. It happens when one cannot operate without the assistance of someone or something. I’m wondering if the demand for inclusivity sends the message of dependency on the society we are neglected by to make us feel worthy to exist. In general, do we know we are worthy to exist as we are? Do we realize our importance is not based on the acceptance of others? I don’t think so.

I believe our focus and drive for inclusivity should be geared toward the plus-size community and not mainstream society. There are members in our sub-social group who feel segregated. How about working on bridging those gaps and sending a message of acceptance within our community? Why not use this energy to encourage a 12 year-old girl to love herself as she is, or inspire that 41 year-old woman to find and embrace her beauty as opposed to coaxing a society into calling us beautiful.

I can see how inclusivity will benefit a clothing company or even a model, but how will it help an everyday person like me? What will help me is the opportunity to learn how to love myself deeper by hearing how somebody else did it. Or being told my openness regarding my struggles inspired someone to embrace themselves as they are. We can overcome adversity by hearing the success of another.

The word community means a feeling of friendly association with others due to a common characteristic. If we are truly a community, I think we should start acting like one. For instance, why not push more plus-size designers to offer more sizes over trying to convince straight size designers to create a plus-size line. Instead of berating clothing companies for not using plus-size models, drive agencies who do use fuller-figure models to be more diverse with their choices. But, more importantly, be an example of self-acceptance to show someone how beneficial and beautiful it truly is.

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Towanda is a self-acceptance advocate born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Ms. Bryant promotes self-love and acceptance through her writing, which can be found on her blogs; Diary of a Stylish Buxom Beauty and My Heels in Life. Ms. Bryant expresses the importance of identifying and embracing the beauty found within all of us no matter what society says. Her writing contributions can also be found on and Medium.

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