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CurvyStyle Points

CurvyStyle’s Free Loyalty Rewards Program

CurvyStyle Points are just like cash! you can use them as credits at any order on CurvyStyle. You can use the points alone or mix it with cash to pay for any order, and there's no catch.

10 POINTS = $1

Each 10 CurvyStyle Points are worth $1. Simple as that! During checkout, you can decide whether you would like to use CurvyStyle Points on your order.

How do you earn points on CurvyStyle?
  • Buy.

    Any purchase on CurvyStyle will earn you points.

  • Review.

    Writing a review of the products you ordered will earn you points. A review with a picture will give you the most points.

  • Engage.

    Share CurvyStyle on your social media channels, write guest blog posts, discuss CurvyStyle products or posts on our blog, and earn more.

Get a Status

The more CurvyStyle Points you earn and spend, the better account status you get. This is another way for us to treat you with more benefits and surprises!

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