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Hello All!

I got a chance to catch up with my girl Tawny, owner of popular Blog “Glamoursly Mommy” and she agreed to do an interview with me and I wanted to get a snapshot of her life and get some advice for us curvy dolls! So here we go!

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Tawny of

Tawny! Thank you for allowing me to interview you!! So, first, tell the readers at a little about yourself? 

I’m a mom of two girls, I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 11 years, and I’m a professional makeup artist and educator in beauty. Oh and a digital influencer too!

 So, how did you get started blogging and what your blog is primarily about? 

I actually started blogging about 11 years ago.

My first bog was a couponing blog.  But I just wasn’t my passion. I started Glamorously Mommy in 2008, I think.   I was a new mom for the second time and I was struggling with my body, who I was, and I knew I had to get to who I was before I had children.  I remember this statement playing in my head over and over.  ” You’ve got to keep the glamour in motherhood” which became kinda a statement that we live by. I knew if I was having these struggles, other moms were too.    And that’s how Glamorously Mommy was born. I just wanted to create a community of Women that could relate to each other’s struggles and lift each other up.

Tawney (2) 50 75Awesome!! That is super relateable to many mothers out there! There are a lot of Woman that are interested in Blogging…do you have any tips or advice?

Be authentic, don’t worry about the numbers and write about what you love. is all about being body positive. As a confident plus size woman in this current body acceptance movement…any tips on body confidence?

You’re are not defined by your size.   Don’t worry about what other people say about your size.  Be confident, live a healthy lifestyle and wear what makes you feel beautiful.

Great Advice! Tawny, you have a knack for being a put together Mommy on the go! What are your top 5 daily Style and beauty must haves?

 Skinny jeans, basics tanks, tees and dresses, layering pieces like blazers and jackets,  great shoes and cute accessories.  You can’t go wrong with those items in your wardrobe.

Tawney 50I so agree with your must haves! Let’s talk about the first time moms out there. For a first time mom, or a mom who is struggling with life balance, what advice would you offer her?

Enjoy your children everyday.   They grow up way too fast! Don’t get caught up in all the chores and daily tasks. Do what you can… The rest will be there tomorrow.

 Last but not least, please offer words of wisdom to the Curvy community?

Love yourself. You are enough. And you’re beautiful!

Awesom Advice, Simple yet effective! And yes everyone is Beautiful! 

Thank you so much Tawny for taking time out of your Busy life to chat with me and CurvyStyle!! I really appreciate it girl!!!

To catch up with Tawny, click HERE for her Blog and Click HERE to YouTube Channel!
Im sure she cant wait to interact with you!

Thank you guys for visiting me here on the Curvy Style Blog!

Till Next time,
Stay beautiful and embrace those curves!

Stephanie, Guest Blogger

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