How is Self-Acceptance Achieved?

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How is Self-Acceptance Achieved?


After my last CurvyStyle blog post, a reader asked me, "How do you accept yourself?" I said, "It all starts in the mind."

Self-acceptance is defined as an individual's satisfaction with self. It is also thought to be vital for a healthy mental state. When I was a teenager I didn't see myself as adequate. I wanted a small body frame covered in lightly pigmented skin. Given the fact that my body frame was large and covered in dark skin, I obviously had not accepted me. As I got older I started to see my beauty and I became more confident, but I came to the place of self-acceptance when I found satisfaction with who I am.

I've learned that reaching satisfaction with self begins with altering how we think. The way we conduct ourselves in life begins in the mind, it is all a choice. When we examine the definition of self-acceptance, it shows us that finding contentment in whatever state we are in will lead us to it.

"Everybody has something about themselves they'd like to change. The trick is getting beyond it."
Dr. Jonathan Newman - The Golden Girls

Even though Dr. Newman is a fictional character, the words that were stated are true. In order to accept ourselves we must get beyond what we think we should be or what others say we should be. And this can only be achieved by altering how we think. Personally, I stopped thinking about being different from who I am. I stopped entertaining negativity from others. Side note - did you know one of the synonyms for entertain is divert? Interesting right?

Diversions cause us to change course or redirect our attention. Not all diversions are bad, but the ones that influence us to question our worth and doubt our abilities should be dismissed immediately. And sometimes those diversions are created by society. I allowed myself to be distracted by the opinions of others instead of establishing and believing my truth. Once I started to focus on healthy and loving thoughts about myself the better I began to feel.

Self-acceptance can be a daily effort, so don't get discouraged if you find yourself fighting off negative thoughts one day and none on another. The key is being mindful of the things we entertain regardless of the source.

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