Body Positive Movement was Lost In Translation - My Naked Opinion

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Body Positive Movement was Lost In Translation - My Naked Opinion
As an early bloomer, how I viewed my body was anything but positive. I can remember being teased about my silhouette. In 5th grade, my so-called friends stuffed tissue down their shirts and stood on the lunch tables as they yelled "Tissue Holders! Tissue Holders!" in my face.

That was the beginning of my body shaming days.

It was one vivid encounter after another of defaming comments about my breasts, hips, and the color of my skin.

I was always "too" something. Too busty, too much hips, lips too big, skin too dark, etc.

So, I strongly value a positive body image.


It seems to me that we women have either been defined or define our own bodies with terms like "Thick", "Curvy", "Plus Size", and now the all encompassing "

Body Positive".

Initially, this 'movement was intended to encourage women to adopt a more forgiving and affirming attitude toward their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being.

The intended result was to 'improve one's self-image by highlighting that in all body shapes and sizes, self-love can be achieved by striving to be positive and creating a better lifestyle for oneself'. (Wikipedia)

But, as I scroll Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook it's clear to me that "Body Positive" has taken on a definition of its own. I quite honestly feel that the intent has been lost in translation.

Countless partially or nearly nude photos flood my highlights, timeline and news feed accompanied by the hashtag 'bodypositive' 'confidence' or 'self love'.

This is the part of the body positive movement that I do not like.

I feel the need to ask the question: Should nudity equal self love?

Before you answer, let me give you some facts.


Playboy Magazine
In late 2015, Playboy magazine announced that it would no longer publish nude photos. While seemingly admirable, Fortune magazine pointed out that it was in part due to the fact that nude photos are "almost laughable now, as we live in a world where porn is so widely available for free on the net and produced so widely for free by "amateur" companies."

Strippers:  As of September 2016, the strip club industry in the United States alone is a $3.1 billion industry. (Statistic Brain)

Indecent Exposure Laws:  As of 2017, an individual can still be arrested and charged for "crime to purposefully display one's genitals in public, causing others to be alarmed or offended." (FindLaw)

Adam and Eve:  Literally from the beginning of mankind, our ancestors saw the need to cover up. When Adam and Eve sinned they were stricken with guilt at the realization of being naked. "So they sewed fig leaves together and made loin coverings for themselves." - Genesis 3:7


There are many definitions of love, ranging from a spiritual connection to an expression of affection. But, what concerns me about the 'bodypositive' movement is what it says to little girls:

"If you love your body, show it to the world."

"Love is shown by getting naked."

"It's what's on the outside that counts."
I agree that no one (not just women of a certain size) should be made to feel ashamed of their body.

But, are we losing the battle by going to the extreme opposite of the war?

In recent years sex trafficking has increased at an alarming rate. As a society, we must ask ourselves whether we are contributing to the sadistic mentality so prevalent today.

Instead of nudity, shouldn't "Body Positive" embrace a wholesome, balanced view of one's abilities, characteristics, and appearance?
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