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Despite the fact that most US women are curvy and wear plus size (14+), retailers and designers are still overwhelmingly targeting small-sized consumers.

Here at CurvyStyle, we’re taking the plus-size shopping experience to the next level. We’ve created an easy-to-use marketplace with beautiful fashion and great customer support. We’ve gathered the top curvy & plus-size retailers and designers together in one place so you can exactly find what you’re looking for!

Plus, being an active member of the CurvyStyle Community earns you rewards. Posting reviews, writing blog posts, sharing photos and commenting are all ways that you can earn CurvyStyle Points worth of pure cash to use toward purchases in our shops!

We’re building a positive and informed community that you can be proud of. No matter your shape, size, or location, CurvyStyle is your fashion marketplace and home.

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