8 Curvy Fashions Tips and Tricks

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It is undeniably true that curvy or plus-size women have a more difficult time dressing up as compared to smaller women. This is so as many of these women lean towards the insecure side of the confidence scale and end up covering as much of themselves as possible when dressing up. This is one big fashion mistake. Not only does it show that the woman is insecure, it also does not look good at all. In order to cater to the needs of the plus-size or curvy community, here are a few fashion tips and tricks to show off that CurvyStyle.

  • 1. Never cover up for no particular reason

Unless its winter where you are or you’re going to some place that has a dress code, do not cover up every inch of your skin to “hide the fat”. There is nothing to hide. Show off your curvy style! Want to wear a crop top? Go! Want to wear shorts or skirts? Go ahead. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling confident in your own skin.

  • 2. No baggy clothing

Get clothes that fit you well. Do not buy a shirt or blouse 2 or more sizes larger just so you hide the parts you don’t want seen. Show off what you got. Show off your curves!


  • 3. Wear durable undergarments

We all know how easy it is to spot those women who wear tights bras or panties. They don’t look good and feel good; they’re just uncomfortable. If you feel that you’ve grown, invest in a larger bra and underwear. Don’t make that make you feel fat or sad for gaining a few. It’s not good for your body to suffer, and your breasts and lady parts need to breathe. Your shape can also be influenced by the undergarments you wear, so get good ones!


  • 4. Invest in good shoes

Since the plus-size community leans towards the larger numbers on the weighing scale, it’s only better to wear shoes that can cater to your weight. Try not to wear stilettos too often as they can easily break, plus all the stress on your toes is just too uncomfortable to bear. Wear closed and layered shoes especially when you know you’re going to spend the day walking a lot. Always try your best to wear long-lasting shoes so that you won’t have to spend so often. Comfort first!


  • 5. Contour

Makeup artists and enthusiasts usually tell you to contour your face to make you look slimmer. Although it may be true, don’t do it for that purpose, but do it to give your face more color along with some shape. Know your face shape and contour in certain places (your cheek hallows, below the jaw line, and the sides of your nose). Look more alive with contour. But do not overdo it. A light contour is good enough.


  • 6. Wear white shirts!

Forget what they tell you, wear white if you wish! Many people used to say that wearing white would make you look bigger, forget what they you and dress according to your style. A tip is to wear white with denim. If you’re wearing a white shirt, wear denim pants. If you’re wearing white pants, wear a denim shirt or jacket. Be keen with those skinny jeans! It’ll look great!


  • 7. Don’t shy from tucking in

Don’t be afraid of tucking in your shirts. You may think it makes your belly pop out, when really it can look good when tucked in high enough. It looks amazing on anyone regardless of their shape and size.


  • 8. Curl your hair

Once again, forget what they say about curled hair. Curves do not make you look bigger! They only help with those curves you already have in your body. If you want to curl your hair, go for it! If you already have curly hair, don’t straighten for the sake of “looking thinner”; do if you feel it will make you look better.






The most important fashion tip to give to the plus-size and curvy community is to simply dress the way you want. Wear what makes you feel confident yet yourself at the same time. Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful regardless of what other people think or say. Show off what your mama gave you and expose those curves to the world!

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Kyla Larrauri

Kyla Larrauri is a university student from the Philippines that enjoys promoting body positivity and self-acceptance. She enjoys writing, graphic design, musical instruments, art, etc. A plus-size woman herself, Kyla helps other plus-size or curvy women celebrate their figure and embrace their bodies.